I am a self-taught cake/figurines designer! 

Colors always attracted me. I was the child who had to buy new sets of coloring pencils in a very early stage of the semester because mine were already worn out. My friends use to say that I am an artist. I say that I am just a curious person who likes to make things using colors, nice ingredients with a touch of fine details, creativity, and love, much love.

I learn and get inspired everywhere: magazines, blogs, online videos, books, people, and courses… then I give my own touch and create my own designs. I like smiley faces, cute and simple figurines and all sort of colors.

I like smiley faces, cute and simple figurines and all sort of colors.

Other than caking, so far, I have tried cold porcelain (I make the clay myself), textile painting, American country painting, decoupage, fabric dolls and Rosemaling (a Norwegian painting technique). Well, I might have done something else that now I cannot remember. Oh! I also loooove to cook ☺.

Graduated “Bilingual Executive Secretary” by the Methodist University of Sao Paulo Brazil, in 1999 (time flies), worked always within administration as PA/EA  and today I work as an Executive Assistant for a great CEO here in Oslo. Thanks be to God, I am so blessed!

 I am Brazilian living in Norway since 2006, married to a wonderful Norwegian man, and together we have two lovely children.

Welcome to my little creative space!

Love, Silvia.